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High Quality French Furniture

There are such a lot of ranges of French furniture on offer these days making it unavoidable that cheaper lesser quality ranges begin to show on the market. If you want your French furniture to be durable and last a substantial  then you will need to avoid these ranges after all . These cheaper pieces of furniture are usually made entirely from MDF and it will be evident when seen personally of their poor paint or finishing quality. High quality French furniture tend to be hand crafted from solid mahogany wood tending to endure at least 10 stage of finishing or paint process in order to create an true antiqued aged effect to the furniture. You will find that in pieces such as bed panels or armoire panels that the insert will be a solid piece of MDF however this is essential because of the nature of mahogany wood and when used in a vast flat panel it tends to warp and twist in hot temperature, for this reason it is best used in the framework and for carved sections.