mahogany furnitureOur mission is to supply wholesalers and retailers with an inclusive furniture style. PT. Bate Furniture Industries has effectively developed a furniture production set-up with antique reproduction furniture, mahogany furniture, mindi furniture, synthetic rattan furniture with alumunium alloy and also modern and minimalist furniture.

Increasing our capabilities and we look forward to meeting the needs of many more customers, business to business, end user who want mahogany wood furniture with reasonable price. If you are interested in any of our fine wood furniture products, either being a customer or reseller, or you prefer to to receive further information you can drop us an email.

Raw Wood

Mahogany WoodGiven the political and eco. Climate in the part of the world now, our raw timber products are from sustainable recourses and fair trade? We buy the wood from local goverment. With selected carefully, controlled by expert, PT. Bate Furniture Industries provide customers wooden furniture with the best raw materials  mahogany wood, which each board is assorted by hand and matched properly in order to perform an ambient grain and color.


Mahogany Furniture FinishingMahogany is a wonderful hardwood that is used to create many fine furnishings. This kind of wood is tightly grained and doesn’t have knots the best way that pine and oak does. As mahogany ages it changes from its natural pink coloring with a darker red with brown tone. Among the simpler techniques to finish mahogany is by utilizing a dark oil-based stain. Darker stain will give mahogany a more even finish because of the nature of mahogany having light and dark gains running together.
Please see the sample of finishing for mahogany furniture on our website.