Our Factory

After you have had a chance to check out the website we strongly recommend you visit our showroom and factory in Indonesia to getting a true feel for our extensive range of antique reproduction furniture and the quality craftsmanship available at PT. Bate Furniture Industries.

Kiln Dried Wood

Kiln Dry Room

Insect Killer Pool

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Expert Carpenter

Killer Insect Pool

Container Order Furniture

How to go to Jepara to Visit Our Factory

Jepara is a small town north of Semarang, the capital of Central Java province. It requires 45 minutes air plane trip from Jakarta or Bali to Semarang.

When you arrive at the Bandara Ahmad Yani, the Semarang’s airport, take a taxi and tell the driver you would like to go to Jepara. The trip to Jepara takes 2 hours time.

Please contact us before visiting us. Then we are able to pick you up in the airport. We will ensure that your visit will be enjoyable. Please check where to stay in jepara to get information of Hotel and Restaurant in Jepara.